WA Regenerative Livestock Producers Inc.


Our members are livestock producers (open to cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry) who wish to incorporate more sustainable production techniques and methodologies into their farming system, that improves the natural resource base (soils, water, pasture, landscape function, biodiversity, system health) whilst improving seasonal resilience; sustainability of economic returns on a 'whole farm level'; stronger community and food security presence, and integrity of our livestock products to our consumers.  

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We formally incorporated in 2021, and are full members of the Grower Group Alliance WA. 

However, our group had its origins beginning way back in 2010 to build networks and host farm visits for those practicing some level of biological farming; holistic management and regenerative agriculture, either on a 'whole-farm-basis', or incorporating management processes including:

This 'whole farm system' approach includes the understanding and adoption of practices that successfully incorporate healthy soil, plant, animal, water and biodiversity systems in an holistic operating landscape, whilst improving the economic, social and environmental landscape of which we as livestock producers, operate in.

Our combined vision/mission is:

'through education, research, development and adoption of regenerative livestock production management methodologies, we will be a leadership model for appropriate and resilient land stewardship and sustainable agriculture techniques'

Objects of our (Incorporated) Association are:


i) The use of multi-species fodder cropping.

ii) holistic planned grazing.

iii) summer active perennial establishment


Chair: Chris Wyhoon, Bakers Hill

Vice-Chair: Blythe Calnan, Uduc

Treasurer: Philip Maisey,  Doodlakine

Executive Committee:

Tim Bending, Mandurah

Murray Grey, Gillengarra

Glenice Batchelor, South Tammin

Chris Marris, Quellington

Cody Hull, Toodyay

Justin von Perger, Toodyay, 

Darryn Browne, Namban